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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Beg.

We splurged last night and decided to dine at Longhorn Steakhouse.  No bread with butter.  No sweet potato with brown sugar and caramel sauce.  No croutons.  But we did get to eat something other than chicken for a change, and we even had a little ranch dressing atop our leafy greens.  It was so great!

The food is always yummy at Longhorn, and the service is typically pretty top-notch.

“Paul” was the name of the waiter-fella who helped us out last night.  He was a real go-getter.  He broke the ice at our table by letting us know that if we needed to get his attention, we could just feel free to “throw the salt and peppers shakers” at him.  We didn’t take him up on that offer.

Paul brought our waters out right away.  Our salads took a little longer than they should have, though.  We probably waited a good 15 minutes for them – but Paul did unnecessarily top our waters off a couple of times during this period.  “E” for effort, Paul.  When Paul brought our entrees to the table, Rick had to remind him that he had requested a side of sauteed onions.  Paul apologized, and returned with the side item promptly…and he topped our waters off a third time.  We were more than well-hydrated.

All in all, our dinner was very nice.  Paul dropped the ticket, Rick handed over the plastic, Paul re-dropped the ticket with the plastic in tow, and walked away.

But just as Rick pulled the ticket out of the little, black book, Paul was back again!  I thought to myself, “If this boy tries to pour more water into my glass…”  But no, Paul had something to say:

“Hey guys-Just wanted to say sorry for my head is a little spotted right now…I just found out today that my dog that I’ve had since it was 1 which is now 10 might have to have leg surgery, so I’m just not quite in it tonight.  Just wanted to let you know and thank you again for being so understanding.”

Um.  Awkward moment!

When Paul walked away, Rick looked up at me and said, “Is that a last ditch effort to beg for a better tip, or what?”  I just kept trying to shove steamed vegetables into my face to keep myself from laughing aloud.  But then Rick (my dear husband who is going deaf, I swear)  leaned in and said, “What exactly did he say?  Did he say that his dog had to have Lasik surgery?”

At that point, I lost it.

dog glasses

Like to learn more about dogs that require leg surgeries?  Here’s a fun-filled posting about a little dog that had to have a 5th leg removed.  No, I do not believe that Paul is related in any way to this particular dog.


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