This blog is neither informative nor is it educational. It is hardly entertaining and it only slightly qualifies as an actual ‘blog.’

A Raspberry Dinosaur is complicated animal.  He is random, he is sarcastic and he is terribly slow with numbers.  Although the color Raspberry is quite fancy, the Raspberry Dinosaur is not an especially fancy character.  He fits in pretty well with the Geeks and Weirdos and he enjoys the serendipitous rhythm of life – so long as the rhythm is going his way.  He does not read lengthy items because he has “the attention span of a goldfish,” (Sally Hogshead, 2009) and his dry sense of humor is often times mistaken for foolishness.


I am Misty.  I am a Marketer.  I will always judge a book by its cover.

One response to “About

  1. ralph marie de largo

    Misty… U mean U’r a ‘Musketeer?’ Did U know Annette Funicello? What do U do exactly? What do U do with my e-mail address? i ❤ ijustine… and lilylulay… hey nadine… supadupaflygirl… natalie on community channel, she's the asian gerl…Shane Dawson… lisanova…italktosnakes… Inquiring Marketers want to know…

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