Stripper Shoe Sunday

While in Wichita this past weekend, we ate breakfast at the local Home Town Buffet. I like that place for a variety of reasons. The food is never-ending, the English muffins are grilled and the milk supply is limitless.

The typical Sunday HTB crowd is elderly and/or disabled (not exactly sure what that says about us, but whatever). This mix of people, coupled with the 50’s pop elevator music that plays over the audio system, makes for a fairly calm and uneventful dining experience. Every once in awhile, however, a primo people watching opportunity will walk through the door.

For example, I dubbed this past Sunday “Stripper Shoe Sunday” at HTB.  I saw my first stripper-shoe patron upon seating myself with my first plate of food. She was wearing black patent leather stiletto stripper shoes, with hot-pink heels. She wore skin-tight jeans (at least two sizes too small) and a see-through baby-doll  T-shirt that showed off her brassiere. She sat at a table with 5 small children and a man. Although she did look like she could have been a stripper, she didn’t much walk like a stripper. Maybe I’m being presumptuous, but it seems to me that a stripper (of all people) would know how to walk in stripper shoes. This gal did not. She stomped around the restaurant, filling wee glasses of OJ for the kiddos, and piling up plates of waffles for herself. She was a sight to see.

But then, about ten minutes later, another lady walked in wearing a pair of brown and tan stripper shoes. This lady carried herself in a much more professional manner. I thought to myself, “This chicky may not be a stripper at all – she may indeed be a professional.” Without asking – something I was not willing to do – I just couldn’t be for sure. But I was pretty positive this lady was not on her way to church.

I’ve never been really big on shoes. I know some ladies collect shoes like I collect free pens, but I’m more the type to find a couple pairs I like (usually a black pair and a brown pair), and stick with them until the very end. Loved ones end up having to pry my old, worn out shoes from my hands – or take them from me when I’m not looking and throw them in the trash.

But this HTB Stripper Shoe Sunday event really made me feel like I was missing out on something. These ladies had such fun, sexy shoes. Does that mean that they have fun, sexy lives, too? I’ve never owned a pair of stripper shoes. But if I had a pair, would I be a fun, sexy person? If I had a pair, would I strap them on, head out to the grocery store, and strut around like a proud peacock? Would I get all dolled up on Sunday morning, in my Sunday best, to hit up the local HTB?

This lady wore her stripper shoes to the last trade show I attended. She was working the booth. I saluted this lady for wearing these shoes all day long at a trade show. You go girl.

Trade Show Pumps

(Ever get to the bottom of your blog, and then realize that there’s a good chance it makes next to no sense to anybody but yourself? I’m afraid that just might happen here.)


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7 responses to “Stripper Shoe Sunday

  1. Stripper Shoe Sally

    As a mother of 12 who designs stripper shoes for toddlers, I have to say I LOVE your blog. It really hits home. Stripper shoes are not just for strippers any more. I’m a professional woman (not in ‘that’ way), but as soon as I’m off the clock, I fling my boring black or brown flats across the room and proudly strut my stuff–whether I’m vacuuming at home or running errands around town.

    • mjstocksdale

      Sally, I’d like you to take over my blog. I am bowing down to you right now. Of course, you can’t see me – you’ll just have to take my word for it. But you are abso-friggin-lutely hilarious. I’d like the link to your toddler stripper shoe site. I don’t have children (quite frankly, because I don’t like them), but I think I’d like to own a pair, nonetheless.

      P.S. Do you Twitter? @mjstocksdale

  2. Well, it had an enticing title, anyway.

  3. mamakim

    Well, I personally understand the whole shoe-thing. This is the one area where I truly failed as yo’ mama! The only thing better than the pink shoes in your pic are RED shoes!! You just can’t do better, whether you pair them with a hot sexy black dress or kick-butt jeans. Love ’em. We’ll work on it. I would also love to see the baby shoes. Booties can be dull.

  4. mamakem

    I failed you in training with the whole shoe thing. I even let you shop w/my best gay guy friends for shiny Easter shoes! What happened?! We’ll work on it. You need sexy red shoes…they go with EVERYTHING!

  5. I have a small collection of stripper shoes in my closet, where I can fantasize a tawdry/glamourous (adding the u just makes the word more glamourous!) life without the pain of actually having to totter around.

    How does the Home Town Buffet stack up next to the Golden Corral in Wichita? I’ve been there….

  6. WTF?

    Stripper shoes for children? They screw up your back and your feet when you’re an adult, never mind a child who is still developing. That seems like it’s bordering on child abuse. We are surely doomed if people are doing this.

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