What’s Wrong With His Urinal?

I mentioned this earlier today through one of my Facebook/Twitter rants – but I’d really like to try to understand what in the world posesses a woman to escort her young-man/child into a public ladies room with her.

Twice this week I have exited my restroom stall, only to find a young boy – approximate age 11-13 – washing his hands in the sink in front of me.

I’ve never claimed to be a “kid” person, so maybe I’m just missing something, here.  But isn’t there some sort of cut-off age in which the youngster is allowed to be free, and exist in the land of urinals and testosterone?  I understand that the wee ones require assistance and therefore need to be escorted.  But what age do we stop that sort of thing?  Seven-ish?

All I know is, it feels a little more than awkward to come flying out of a public facilities stall – balancing purse on one arm, jacket on the other, fluffing the hair and yanking the skirt from your nether-regions – only to find pre-pubescent boy standing in front of me with a fearful expression of bewilderment on his face, and a used paper-towel in his hands.

I should think that these young fellows would be pretty excited to graduate to the world of Mens restrooms.  I hear they have different facility options in Mens restrooms than we do – and I know that they have a completely different gender ratio.  I can’t imagine that these poor, near-teen boys think it’s appropriate to hang out in the Ladies room, right?  And what do their friends think?  Or is this some sort of craze?  Is that why I’ve seen a rash of young men in the Ladies restrooms lately?  I just don’t know.

But just in case, I think I’ll print up a little flier – the size of a business card.  I’ll keep copies in my wallet and I’ll dispense them to these crazy moms as I see fit.  My message will read something like this:

“It appears as though your son is experiencing an erection.  Should he not be allowed to go to his own bathroom?”

Maybe she’ll let him go be a grown-up next door in Man’s-Land next time.

Ladies - The Wynn Las Vegas, Stocksdale

I took this picture at The Wynn, Las Vegas – by the way.  There were no 13 year-old boys in that restroom.


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2 responses to “What’s Wrong With His Urinal?

  1. I’ve accidentally been in the stall of a female bathroom before. I didn’t realize it until I heard the click-clack of heels that parked themselves in the neighboring stall. Not wanting to be graphic here, let’s just say the sounds were scarring. If the kid is old enough to retain memories, do him a favor and just tie him up outside.

  2. mama

    i would like to donate toward the cards; someone definitely needs to be handing them out.

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