And On That Note…

Thanks to my Facebook wall, which posted a comment from my friend @soseman, who recieved a tip from her friend @michellelamar – I now have a new favorite site.  My boss says that I should take pictures of my notes and make contributions to the site (I write many notes around this office).  I like this site because it feels good to know that there are others out there who are just like me.

This will be my first submission – I hung this sign throughout my office.  It was highly effective.




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3 responses to “And On That Note…

  1. Banana

    I have decided you should become an author. I just spent fifteen minutes reading your more recent blogs. Who else can turn a broken fork into a witty and enthralling (maybe enthralling is a slight exaggeration) story?

    • mjstocksdale

      In case you haven’t realized, my ‘fan base’ consists of my beloved family members only. I have no problem with this whatsoever – but it would be mighty hard to recoup the cost of book production when the only buyers are the four loving women who share my last name and blood. I guess I could write very small books? (haha)

  2. Mama

    you are a miracle worker–we shall call you “teacher” from now on–you got hairy-banana to read for 15 minutes!!! And, all great leaders were loved by their fam first.

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