My Philosophy On ‘The Cat & The Watermelon’

People say that animals do not have emotions or feelings.  But I am a firm believer that these people are mistaken.

Look at this photo, for example.  I found it on a FB wall posting from my buddy, Jacob (You may click the photo to track back to his contact info).

Here, you can see how this cat is rescuing a large, watermelon from potentially drowning.  He is disregarding his distaste for water and he is bravely entering the lake in order to save the big fruit.  Despite his size, he is determined to deliver the melon from danger.  This, my friends, is a brave cat.

I saw a video once of a dog who rescued another dog from a freeway.  He ran into the road and grabbed the injured dog by the neck.  He then drug the hurt animal to the shoulder, and flagged down some construction workers for further assistance (okay, he didn’t actually flag them down, but the rest was all true).

And I see photos filter through my inbox every week that depict little four-leggeds giving motherly love to little mismatches.  I see dogs adopting deer; monkeys mothering kittens; elephants parenting panda bears…

The animal kingdom is full of emotion and love and bravery.  That’s more than I can say for most human beings.

If this whole marketing thing falls through, I’ll probably look into job opportunities at the zoo.  Oh wait, I already tried that – Didn’t really go as planned.  When interviewing for a PR-based position, I do not recommend suggesting the use of monkey-decoy tactics when dealing with frightened or terrified patrons.  This, evidently, is a very bad idea.




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3 responses to “My Philosophy On ‘The Cat & The Watermelon’

  1. Mama

    correction–I loved the monkey-decoy-tactic story!

  2. Mama

    what does “your comment is awaiting moderation.” mean?

  3. Meg

    Oh Babe, I LMAO on your newest. One of the things I love most about you (my big-sis everyone) is your compassion and love for animals. If an animal is hurt, take it to Misty, she’ll rock it and pet it and feed it and miss work for it until it’s all better. Those of you who don’t know Misty, you’re really missing out.

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