The Best Part of My Day

Many of you work in “the big city.”  And I’m sure you relish in your ability to walk right over to the hippest coffee stop or the tastiest lunch spot, that happens to be within a few blocks of your place of business.  This is all very fine and good–but I’ve got one thing you most certainly do not have.  I’ve got the Wonder Bread Bakery Outlet.

That’s right.  Every morning on my drive to work, I get to start out my day with warm, sweet aromas of freshly baked breads.  These smells are so pungent–so potent–I can sometimes taste the bread on my tongue.  (Might have something to do with the fact that I severely restrict my carbohydrate intake–but still).

I hop onto HWY 135 and I proceed Southbound.  I fight crazy drivers who treat the concept of merging as though it were a sin against the Almighty.  I hover over my break pedal so that I am able to stop on a dime for the dingbats that think it’s cool to use the 9′ of space in between myself and the car ahead of me to shove right on in.  I breathe deeply when the guy in the massive white van pulls in front of me, blocking my view of all things great and small, preventing me from seeing anything other than his rusted, old paint job.  But then things start to simmer down.

Most of the morons exit by about HWY 69.  Everyone spaces out a little more.  I loosen the death grip from my steering wheel.

And then…It happens.  I drive past the Wonder Bread Bakery Outlet.  EVERY MORNING, without fail, they bake bread.  And I cannot thank them enough.  I get a whiff of that baked wheat and I feel recharged and ready to go.

So yes, you city folks may have a lot of cool stuff over in your parts.  But I’ve got my smell.  Ha!



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One response to “The Best Part of My Day

  1. Mama

    boo hoo. they closed my bread outlet store and now it is just an empty building with lots of weeds growing in the sidewalk cracks. 😦

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