Dungeons & Big Rubbermaid Tubs

I spent the entire day yesterday in my basement.  No, I was not sent down there for punishment.  I ventured into the dark, scary basement on my own freewill–I was on a mission.

I walk through the basement every day at least twice a day while traveling to and fro my car.  As you’ve probably gathered, my basement is unfinished–it is not much more than a massive hole in the ground with crumbling concrete walls and corroded, wooden ceilings.  I suppose that has almost everything to do with my lack of prior initiative to keep the space neat and orderly.  Nonetheless, the basement drove me nuts–on a daily basis–until yesterday.

I hauled away a stuffed-full Home Depot lawn bag containing my old clothes and an additional box of apparel that once belonged to Rick.  (He is out of town, so I doubt he’ll even know it’s missing).  I also threw out two garbage cans full of crap and I reorganized the Christmas shelves.

After I dropped off the clothes at Goodwill, I found an old 4-drawer filing cabinet (the really big, long kind) that was being sold for 5 bucks!  The top drawer needed repairing, but I was on it!  I used that file cabinet in the basement to organize all of the spraypaint, canned paint, cleaning supplies and automotive crap (cans of things that I have no idea what they do).  These items had formerly been sitting in tubs, cluttering my space and existing completely unknown to mankind.  Now, for example, if I need to paint something in the color “Lilac Blossom #232,” I know exactly where to go.

I also marked all of my tubs and I used the dresser drawers of an old dresser (that is literally on its last leg) for storage purposes, as opposed to mere aesthetics.

I washed a bunch of stuff and I reorganized some of Rick’s tools (another no-no, I’m sure).   I ended up working for a solid 9 hours.

When I was done, I showered up and ate some supper.  I was hungry and dirty.  My hands had touched things that I’d just assume forget about.  I was thirsty and tired.  But I did feel extremely accomplished.

After I was clean and fed, I decided to walk downstairs to get a satisfactory glimpse of my long, hard day’s work.  I hit the bottom of the stairs and I made a scan of the newly renovated dungeon and…it honestly looked no different than when I started 9 hours ago.

I guess sometimes in life we do things not for glory but strictly for good measure?  Whatever.  That’ll be the last time I clean out the dungeon.


This is probably a pretty good pictorial of what I looked like cleaning the basement.


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  1. Mama

    What a great outfit you chose for your mission of madness!! Also, when the last legs actually go on that dresser, take the drawers, upend them, hang them on a wall, (paint them lilac blossom #232) and waa-laah! new shelves for free! Great shadowboxes! yeah!

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