Portion Control My A**

I ate a late night supper at IHOP tonight with some friends.  I thought that might be a smarter, healthier choice than, let’s say, Taco Bell or McDonald’s (realistically–our only other two options).  I try not to eat carbohydrates after dark per Trainer Tim, so I ordered up the “Big Steak Omlette” with a fruit side substitute in place of the almighty IHOP pancakes.

When food time came, the waitress set a plate in front of my face with an item atop the platter the size of a small toddler.  This so called ‘omlette’ trumped any omlette I had ever encountered–Hell, it trumped the 100% fully stuffed Barbacoa Chipotle burrito on its best day!

You might think I speak as though I felt intimidated, but no Sir.  Not me.  I felt challenged!

So, I guess I traded the carbohydrate strike for a good old-fashioned, late-night calorie binder.  Good stuff.  I wonder if I’ve got any ice cream in the other room?

“Big Steak Omlette” by IHOP = yum.



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  1. Mama

    you’s booful, baby

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