Stupid Noise

We bought a brand new computer from good ‘ol Nebraska Furniture Mart about 6 months ago (Allow me to further my personal opinion of NFM at a later date).  About 33 days after the purchase, the computer started making this ridiculous noise.  And no, we did not listen to Misty–We did not spend the extra money to purchase a Mac–We instead bought an HP/Vista monstrosity.  Anyway, when I called NFM to find out what sort of warranty they would consider for such an issue, they told me that I could haul the big, black box back to the store and they would gladly reposess it for about a week’s time to take a look at it.

Well, we never did that.  The store is too freaking far away.  And I’m not sure why these folks failed to get the memo, but when a person’s computer is not at their home because it is being held captive at some dumb, oversized furniture store–then that person DOES NOT HAVE A COMPUTER.

Since then, I’ve managed to avoid the shiny new home computer for several reasons.  Allow me to list them below:

  1. The unit is located in the absolute coldest room in our home.  It is physically painful and at times impossible to operate at that workstation.  (Seriously, my hands have siezed up before from the cold).
  2. Vista.  (I need not say more, right?)
  3. That stupid, obnoxious noise.

Well, I’ll have you know that tonight I took it upon myself to solve one of these seemingly insurmountable problems on my own.  That’s right.  I am now a regular computer repair technician.

As I was fiddling around on the computer (very quickly mind you because the body will only hold heat for so long), I accidentally kicked the tower and receieved a moment’s hiatus from that awful noise.  I began to investigate.  I crawled down on the floor–I lifted, I pushed, I jiggled, I rocked…  It took me a minute but I finally came up with a brilliant solution to the big, dumb noise.  Not sure how or why it works–But with Rick’s checkbook carefully wedged underneath the left foot of the tower while the right side of the tower is balanced upside the desk wall–Silence!  This is great!

Now once summer comes along, I believe I’ll be able handle the indoor climate issues a little better.  That just leaves item number Vista.  …Not going to think about that one right now.



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  1. Mama

    see, working at crummby restaurants pays off in time…..remember the computer your mom had that only had color if the great grey tape was in place…??? and they thought i was crazy. you are brilliant!

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