Bring Back the Chickens

I love Boston Market.  Not only do I love Boston Market, but I rely on Boston Market.  When I go to the store for the week, I plan to cook approximately 2 meals, I leave room for a couple of nights of leftovers, and then I schedule in the almighty Boston Market.  Man those guys do it right.

The service is outstanding and the chickens are good.  And once a year, they run a special campaign that allows me to buy an extra bird for a buck.  I eat healthy, I eat cheap and I leave full.

I really like that $1 chicken deal.  Every time I go, I ask the clerk, “Do you have $1 chickens, yet?”  They keep saying, “no.”  They tell me that they have no idea when the promotion will get handed down.  I’m pretty sure they’re holding out on me, though.  But it’s okay.  I’ll continue to go in and ask–Maybe one of these days they’ll hook it up out of sheer irritation.  That’d be just fine with me!

I’ve gotta go ‘fan’ Boston Market now.



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One response to “Bring Back the Chickens

  1. Mama

    never knew ’bout buck-a-bird before!

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