My Arm Has A Fever

We travelled to the country this weekend.  Rick bought a new man-toy a few weeks back but due to the weather, he hasn’t had a chance to  play with it.  So, we took the little four-wheeled motorcycle out to the country so he could ride around and be manly.  I rode once and that was enough.  Then I wandered around the beautiful property and [evidently] rolled around naked in a field of poison ivy.  Ah, yes.  Every year, it seems, I am able to expect a rampant case of bumpy arm–thanks to Mother Nature.

Today, my left arm is swollen up so hard that it is getting in the way of my typing abilities.  It is hot and sore and I wish I could pop it like a pimple.  That’s right!  I said it!  And my left ear is swollen shut so it’s hard for me to hear normal…and my left eye looks like my husband socked me cold for talking out of line, or something.  I would like to go home and eat a big, fat dose of Benadryl and go to bed.  And I would like to eat some warm cookies, too.  (Because when you don’t feel good then you are allowed to eat whatever you like, right?)  Anyhow–That’s where I’m at for today.

(Oh, and yes of course this is a picture of me with red hair and leafy pasties–My makeup is just a little different).




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2 responses to “My Arm Has A Fever

  1. Meg

    Wow, that’s hot.

  2. Mama

    you’re great (fyi: h-u-g-e is the new h-o-t).
    It’s okay, Will’s finger has a heartbeat. And you are beautiful even when you are lumpy and feverish. After all, what’s in an ear? an eye? an arm? On the other hand, cookies are truly wonderful. Ask Rick.

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