Nothing News.

I tend to avoid the televised news at all costs (sorry Mr. John Holt).  If it’s not being overloaded with depression and gloom, then it’s being pumped up with cornball, hairbrained clips that are (in my opinion) extremely useless and irrelevant.

Such was the case last night.  We sat down for supper a little early, so instead of catching The Wheel, we caught the 6:00 news.  Good grief.

They did a big news spot on this local teacher lady who has deemed  herself the “Queen of Frugality,” I think–and they aired footage of the many ways in which she goes about cutting corners and saving a buck.  Here are a few of the enlightening suggestions I picked up from the teacher lady:

  1. If you don’t have the money for it, don’t buy it (Novel, right)
  2. You can make a pot of spaghetti, portion it out into little plastic containers and eat for .33 a day
  3. Slightly used furniture can be found on street corners, and then reused in your own home
  4. Wal Mart is the devil–If you avoid Wal Mart you will refrain from impulse buying and you will save money (No shit)

Boy am I glad we took in an early supper.  I just wish we would have watched this “news” piece prior to so that we could have utilized the spaghetti trick.



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  1. Mama

    I love you! Thank you for the continued giggles. AND please be careful of that furniture on the corner deal.

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