Cool Phones


I feel like the nerd kid who doesn’t get to sit at the cool table in the cafeteria.

I have a really nice cell phone.  As a matter of fact, just last week, it was the top of the line texting phone out there.  Of course today, it’s considered a dinosaur, but it’s still very nice and pretty, too.  I can flip it open, I can leave it shut.  I can take pictures, I can text lightning fast (well, some people can I guess–I’m not very good at the text game).  But all of that just doesn’t matter anymore if you can’t use your phone to update your blog or check your chicky or flog your fellows on Facebook.

My newest mission in life: Convince Rick that we need to buy me a “Special Phone!”  If I’m going to sit at the nerd table, it will not be because of my phone damnit.  It will be because that is where I like to sit!


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  1. Mama

    you rocked even as a nerd!

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