Policing the Honey Packets


Several months back, I headed up to the biscuit bar at our favorite local Mexcian food restaraunt.  We like the food–But even better–They offer all you can eat chips, salsa and sopapillas (biscuits, in my book).  On this particular day, the massive bowl of honey packets had been removed from the bar.  Instead, a little handwritten sign accompanied the tray of biscuits and it said: “Honey Packets Now .50 ea. Pay at register. ”  What the hell?  I eat 3 packets with every biscuit; and on a stress-free day, I don’t leave that place without at least 4 biscuits in my belly.  “How can you charge for a honey packet?  And how the hell can you mark those son of a guns up 900%?” –I said to my husband (who care less about the biscuit bar so long as he gets his fill of chips and salsa. 

Well, we entered one of our diet kicks shortly thereafter so we had no business frequenting our favorite local Mexican food restaraunt for some time.  This worked out well because the honey packet stance that had been taken by the restaraunt really ticked me off.  Tonight, however, we splurged and decided to head on over.  I  Rick wanted chips and salsa and I wanted to not cook. 

As we were eating our meal I caught notice of a lady approaching the cash register with a basket of biscuits.  I saw the cash register lady reach into the honey packet bin and hand the customer several packets, but no cash transaction was made.  With a sparkle in my eye, I told my husband, “I think the honey packets are free again!  She just gave that lady some honey but she didn’t charge her.”  I pointed the customer out to my husband.  He said, “I think that might be her mother.”  (Rick can be extremely un-helpful at times). 

Turns out, the restaraunt had stopped charging extra for the honey packets but they were no longer allowing customers to take packets as they please. 

This leads me to believe that they previously must have been dealing with some sort of crazy honey packet theft issues.  I had no idea there was such a problem.


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  1. Mama

    Note to self: (i.e., yourself)
    People who deal w/diabetics, i.e., nurses, moms, granddaughters, wives, etc. habitually (i.e., have to) p/u these golden gems to “have on hand” as they are perfect for not choking a near-diabetic coma state loved one (or non-loved one) and they seldom get smashed in your purse or pocket enough to pop 🙂

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