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Nothing News.

I tend to avoid the televised news at all costs (sorry Mr. John Holt).  If it’s not being overloaded with depression and gloom, then it’s being pumped up with cornball, hairbrained clips that are (in my opinion) extremely useless and irrelevant.

Such was the case last night.  We sat down for supper a little early, so instead of catching The Wheel, we caught the 6:00 news.  Good grief.

They did a big news spot on this local teacher lady who has deemed  herself the “Queen of Frugality,” I think–and they aired footage of the many ways in which she goes about cutting corners and saving a buck.  Here are a few of the enlightening suggestions I picked up from the teacher lady:

  1. If you don’t have the money for it, don’t buy it (Novel, right)
  2. You can make a pot of spaghetti, portion it out into little plastic containers and eat for .33 a day
  3. Slightly used furniture can be found on street corners, and then reused in your own home
  4. Wal Mart is the devil–If you avoid Wal Mart you will refrain from impulse buying and you will save money (No shit)

Boy am I glad we took in an early supper.  I just wish we would have watched this “news” piece prior to so that we could have utilized the spaghetti trick.


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Cool Phones


I feel like the nerd kid who doesn’t get to sit at the cool table in the cafeteria.

I have a really nice cell phone.  As a matter of fact, just last week, it was the top of the line texting phone out there.  Of course today, it’s considered a dinosaur, but it’s still very nice and pretty, too.  I can flip it open, I can leave it shut.  I can take pictures, I can text lightning fast (well, some people can I guess–I’m not very good at the text game).  But all of that just doesn’t matter anymore if you can’t use your phone to update your blog or check your chicky or flog your fellows on Facebook.

My newest mission in life: Convince Rick that we need to buy me a “Special Phone!”  If I’m going to sit at the nerd table, it will not be because of my phone damnit.  It will be because that is where I like to sit!

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Be A Fan

Football doesn’t really do it for me, and I could care less about the NBA.  What turns me on is the success of others in the business world–Innovative, current, profitable companies–That’s what I like to follow.

Most recently, I have become a major fan of the folks over at Facebook.    Today, I attended a little seminar presented by the Kansas City American Marketing Association, Hallmark and VML.  Facebooks Director of Marketing & Sales, Midwest territory was the keynote speaker at the event.  Brad Keown delivered a ton of relevant information to both individuals and businesses.  Here are a few highlights:

  • 200 Million users worldwide
  • 10 Million added every day
  • 63 Million users U.S.
  • 900 People employed at Facebook
  • CEO is 24 Years old
  • Biggest competitor–Twitter
  • Facebook is 2nd most blogged site behind Google
  • 52,000 Apps on Facebook
  • 140 Apps added daily
  • Secret sauce at Facebook: Everybody is thinking bigger
  • $0 Spent on Marketing
  • 55 Different languages


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We grocery shopped for the week yesterday afternoon.  I understand that prices for all things, for all people, are increasing all around us.  But I would like to know why it is that lettuce, of all things, has skyrocketed to double its former price?  Isn’t lettuce grown quite similarly to carrots?  Beets?  Celery?  These items have suffered only marginal blows.  But I’ve watched the leafy green stuff jump from an affordable and friendly .70 a head to $1.89 a head in no time flat!  Cheese louise!  I suppose I’ll just be glad that carrots, beets and celery haven’t followed suit and hope to heaven that they don’t any time soon.


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Policing the Honey Packets


Several months back, I headed up to the biscuit bar at our favorite local Mexcian food restaraunt.  We like the food–But even better–They offer all you can eat chips, salsa and sopapillas (biscuits, in my book).  On this particular day, the massive bowl of honey packets had been removed from the bar.  Instead, a little handwritten sign accompanied the tray of biscuits and it said: “Honey Packets Now .50 ea. Pay at register. ”  What the hell?  I eat 3 packets with every biscuit; and on a stress-free day, I don’t leave that place without at least 4 biscuits in my belly.  “How can you charge for a honey packet?  And how the hell can you mark those son of a guns up 900%?” –I said to my husband (who care less about the biscuit bar so long as he gets his fill of chips and salsa. 

Well, we entered one of our diet kicks shortly thereafter so we had no business frequenting our favorite local Mexican food restaraunt for some time.  This worked out well because the honey packet stance that had been taken by the restaraunt really ticked me off.  Tonight, however, we splurged and decided to head on over.  I  Rick wanted chips and salsa and I wanted to not cook. 

As we were eating our meal I caught notice of a lady approaching the cash register with a basket of biscuits.  I saw the cash register lady reach into the honey packet bin and hand the customer several packets, but no cash transaction was made.  With a sparkle in my eye, I told my husband, “I think the honey packets are free again!  She just gave that lady some honey but she didn’t charge her.”  I pointed the customer out to my husband.  He said, “I think that might be her mother.”  (Rick can be extremely un-helpful at times). 

Turns out, the restaraunt had stopped charging extra for the honey packets but they were no longer allowing customers to take packets as they please. 

This leads me to believe that they previously must have been dealing with some sort of crazy honey packet theft issues.  I had no idea there was such a problem.

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I Wish I Could Sing

I don’t think I have too many jealousies in life (okay, that might be a straight up lie–I probably have many–but I try to keep them at a minimum).  But I have to say, I am extremely jealous of people who can sing.  I have many other talents.  For example: I can eat 3-5 hot dogs with buns in a 5 minute sitting, I can bake the best batch of peanut butter cookies you’ve ever tasted and I can argue a formal debate at the national level.  But singing just wasn’t one of my God given talents. 

I’ve always known this, too.  It’s not like I used to really aspire to be a singer as a kid or something.  I always knew I had an awful singing voice.  Ever since the day I self-recorded myself on my little purple tape player when I was about 8 years old.  I remember playing it back and thinking, “Oh dear.  Who the hell is that?  Certainly that’s not my golden voice.  It definitely doesn’t match the one that I hear in my naive little head…” 

Well, from that day on, I adopted the habit of lip syncing in church and in the car.  But in 5th grade, Mrs. LaPort forced me into the school choir.  At my school, the entire fifth grade class was the school choir–all except for myself and Nick (the boy who sat in the back of the class and played with rubber bands and glue for 7 hours a day).  Quite frankly, I would have just assumed sit in the classroom with Nick and have special “creative time.” 

I remember Mrs. LaPort saying, “Misty, you need to be in choir.  I’ve signed you up.  Now, I am going to play the piano and I want you to sing.  I need to find out whether you are an Alto or a Soprano.”  I had no clue what these Chineese words and I was embarrassed as all hell that this woman was going to make me sing in front of her–out loud! 

Well, as I said, I did become a member of the 5th grade choir.  I was classified as a Soprano.  At the end of the 5th grade year, I was not encouraged to continue on with my singing career by my music teacher.  But that’s okay.  I went on to conquer bigger, better, less nerdy things like Debate. 

I still listen to those people who have voices unlike mine–and I wish mine were more like theirs.  But then I think to myself, “Could they argue both the Affirmative and the Negative of any resolution presented to them in the span of an 8 minute time frame, dig out necessary disadvantages, offer a counterplan, keep an organized flow and back a frazzled partner–and maintain a hair-do that looks anywhere near this good? ”  Probably not.   I guess we all have our niche.


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Who Drinks That?!?

Anybody else ever bothered to notice that the diet soda/caffeine-free drinkers are completely discriminated against in the fountain drink world?  That’s right.  If you drink diet soda, you can sit down at any restaurant or walk into any quick shop and choose from at least 2-3 different sugar-free options.  And if you’re just a caffeine-free person (or if you’re my 8 year old step-daughter after 12:00 noon) then you can guarantee that you will be given at least two different options (usually some Sprite-like substance and root beer).

However, if you require the combination of the two, you best not get your hopes up.

Good thing we’ve got water, I suppose.

Well, obtaining a CFD (that’s my new abbreviation for Caffeine Free, Diet) drink in a public setting may not be something to look forward to anytime soon.  But the folks over at Pepsi have hooked us up!   They’ve started shelving CFD Mountain Dew in grocery stores.  HALLELUJAH!  Life is good again.  I’ll just continue to carry an oversized purse and I’ll take my own CFD Mountain Dew wherever I go.


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Get It However You Can

Somedays, I feel like a winner.  Other days, I feel like standing next to complete losers in an attempt to shove myself into the winners circle.  And other days still yet, I take this gal’s approach…”Just get it however you can.”

Get It Where Ever You Can

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Here Is An Example

I am providing you with a fine example of a Raspberry Dinosaur.


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“At the End of the Day…”

Could we all just please abolish this pointless phrase from our vernacular?  In my humble opinion, it is the most overused, useless, foolish-sounding expression I’ve encountered in my enitre life.

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